Box: a modern identity

To put a new story into the market meant rethinking how every part of the brand looks, feels and speaks. Less of a rebrand, per se, and much more greenfield creation of a visual and voice identity system that could fuel all of the communications that needed to be created all across the customer journey.

Communicating concepts

Not having specific product or industrial design to showcase is one challenge, but an altogether different challenge is visually conveying concepts. We needed a flexible, simple and ownable visualization system that allowed us to show the range of concepts from sharing to security, from processes to product creation and everything in between.

A snapshot of the evolved design system, showing a range of communications.

Showing, not saying

One of the first major projects to bring the visual system to life was the redesign of We took an animated approach, giving us the chance to be incredibly telegraphic with the features and benefits of working directly in the cloud.

Humanizing the brand

To ensure that not all of what we were communicating was being captured through stylized UI moments, we pushed heavily into real-life photography to sell the future of work and the workplace.

A sample selection from our photo shoots.

The strategic intent drives our launches

Work as one needed to go beyond just the large-scale concept and work hard all the way through the customer journey. So we not only changed the mission of the company to Power how the world works together, we made sure that the strategy was evident in every launch and communication. Here is how this all came to life for the relaunch of Box Notes:

Product launch video for Box Notes, Making Teamwork Fun Again.