Box: Work as one

Box had never found an enduring voice in the market, and had relied heavily on enterprise conferences to communicate its message. So when we set out to make a bigger impact in the market, we knew we needed to rethink our entire communications and media strategy from the ground up.

Activating the idea: Work as one

The first brand campaign in the company’s history was launched across print and digital, giving a platform for ongoing engagement and storytelling that drove a 40% increase in brand recall during the campaign’s run. Visually, the campaign illustrates the handoff of ideas from teams and processes to the final outcomes.

Print ads for the Work as one campaign.

Going beyond messaging to selling outcomes

To ensure we were able to successfully stick the landing with the campaign, we built a thought leadership platform to give us a medium to provide evidence to our story of the power of Cloud Content Management. The Blueprint — an ongoing publication about the successes we’ve had with customers and partners — gives us a phenomenal platform for keeping a dialog going with current customers, prospects and partners as they take on their journeys through digital transformation.

The Blueprint, a thought leadership engine for Cloud Content Management.