HP: Let’s Do Amazing

Once the brand strategy had been finalized and the business groups all finally aligned, CEO Mark Hurd got behind launching the brand at scale. Our Create Amazing activation strategy was opened up for co-creators around the world through the brand campaign “Let’s Do Amazing.” Through multiple TV spots, digital activations tied to March Madness and a social activation platform built with Huffington Post and ESPN, the campaign blew away all of our metrics, performing at levels of a multi-year campaign within even the first few weeks after launch.

Driving resonance and finally telling our story to the world

Most of the innovation at HP remained the best-kept secret in Silicon Valley. The general public knew about the commodity PCs and printers, but virtually no one knew the breadth and scale of the full portfolio. So the campaign meant to tell our story, but do so in a way that people are drawn to. So we found the right recurring character in Rhys Darby that allowed our story to shine through without being boring or preachy. His delivery makes the campaign work, and drove recognition and recall across every audience group, from the Fortune 10 to small businesses and consumers in our markets.

Let’s Do Amazing Campaign Overview.

Shining a light on amazing collaborations

HP has a long history of collaborations with the very best talent in the world, starting even with some of the earliest innovations with creators like Disney. The amazing outcomes that were made possible through these collaborations were a core part of the campaign, including the partnership with Beats that let music sound like the artist intended and the work with artists like Annie Leibovitz to improve the color fidelity on screen and print.

Let’s Do Amazing launch ad: HP + Dr Dre

Let’s Do Amazing print ad featuring the HP Envy Beats Edition.

Shining a light on amazing innovations

Custom solutions aren’t top of mind when someone thinks about HP, a company that had over 86,000 SKUs. So telling the story of what HP did for UPS, creating custom wearable devices that both tracked and scanned so packages got on the truck faster, or the extensive (and long-running) relationship as the official technology partner of Dreamworks was an essential part of our narrative.

Let’s Do Amazing launch ad: HP + UPS.

Shining a light on amazing inventions

Every part of the campaign meant to showcase the amazing things HP is doing with and for customers. And while we used a lot of customer partnerships to be able to show what we do with our customers, we can’t lose sight of how valuable our own work is. So we dialed into our innovators at HP Labs and made sure to let them catch some of the spotlight.

Let’s Do Amazing print ad showcasing our networking portfolio.

Let’s Do Amazing launch ad: HP Labs

Inspiring employees

What has made HP different from the rest of the industry for decades is the roll-up-your-sleeves attitude that can be found in all corners of the organization. And with all of the cultural momentum moving towards “doing” rather than just talking, we had the perfect springboard to drive impact, invite participation and fuel deeper resonance with the brand.

This Rangoli was made in one of our India offices, completely without prompting or involvement by the Brand team. It’s a great reflection of the pride we were able to stir up in our people.

The “We Do Amazing” rangoli made by HP employees in India.