HP Product Design

Product design at HP had been largely the domain of the individual Global Business Units, held together by an extraordinary talent and great partner, Sam Lucente. As we established the go-forward visual identity system, we knew it was imperative to get the products that people interact with on a daily basis to carry the same character, personality and signature elements to ensure total coherence. This work is a collection of outputs from the global Design Council, spanning virtually every facet of the organization.

Creating signature elements across our portfolio

One of the first steps to getting all of the pieces aligned was to identify what the “signature” elements would be that would immediately be recognizable as HP. The signature angle crafted into forms was certainly one, as was the seamless integration between physical and digital interactions.

An at-a-glance view of the portfolio.

Moving from a portfolio to an ecosystem

The simplicity of the symbol allowed us to imbue meaning, motion and connection into its rendering. And, most importantly, that the symbol could actually be a part of the story being told rather than just a bolt-on at the end.

The first Ecosystem film, focused on consumers.

Treating HP.com as a product

The interesting thing about the digital age is that the separation between a product experience and a marketing experience is incredibly fuzzy, and often non-linear. This puts the burden on all of the experience designers and marketers to rethink simple concepts like the sales funnel and be constantly at the ready in any channel. That premise drove the radical rethink of HP.com to become a product experience in its own right, tied directly to product and service delivery.

Reimagining the website as an ecosystem experience.

A fresh take on product visuals, from symbols to wordmarks.