Stitch Fix — Keep Summering

Stitch Fix is a leading fashion retailer, built on a bedrock of personal relationships between our stylists and our clients.

Celebrate the last days of summer.

The brief was simple: Summer is short. Spend that precious summer time focusing on family - not the mall. Let Stitch Fix keep you covered for all kids' clothing needs.

The idea: Keep Summering

Our campaign brings to life the spirit of summer. Palpably sentimental, capturing moments of delight. We hope to remind parents that summer isn’t over and provide inspiration for getting the most out of summer with the family.

Our narrative focuses on memorable, telegraphic settings that are quintessentially summer like roadtrips, roller skating, biking, ice cream runs, lazy summer mornings and carnivals.

Settling in for a quieter time: "Sprinkler"

More vibrant expressions of summer: "Giggles"

Rethinking Out of Home

The physical part of the campaign was our poster series around the major malls, helping to remind parents that there’s a better way and we’re here for them. So they can have More Giggles, Less Shopping.