Stitch Fix — We See You

Stitch Fix is a leading fashion retailer, built on a bedrock of personal relationships between our stylists and our clients.

Our first brand advertising campaign

As with many Bay Area brands, Stitch Fix scaled rapidly on the foundation of word-of-mouth adoption and performance marketing. But the growth rate of the business needed more. Not just selling…but truly bringing to life the brand's superpower: Empathy.

The campaign, Everybody Deserves to be Seen shines a light on all of the people we meet in the world and why it matters to each of them how they show up.

The campaign is intentionally episodic, giving a range of stories across our segments and style categories. The anthem brings them together, but most of the stories get their own dedicated spot as well. Because all of their stories are ones worth telling.

The campaign anthem, which broke right at the opening of the 2019 Oscars.

We See You

Our research opened our eyes to the vulnerability of almost everyone when it comes to their own self-expression. From the individual stories of what it's like to feel too tall, too short, too skinny or too anything else — everyone had a story to share. The campaign manifesto spilled right out of the insights and galvanized the full team around everything we created.

The Brand Narrative

Our style helps us express ourselves to the world.
And because of that, it’s profoundly personal.
But the world of fashion is set up to be impersonal. And unrealistic.
To put us in boxes and sizes that don’t always feel attainable and definitely don’t always feel like us.
And most of us — men and women alike — have felt that disconnect, deeply.
We’ve cried in dressing rooms or avoided them entirely. We’ve been defeated.
We’ve played it safe and censored our sparkle because the risk of anything else just feels too big and too exposing.
And the idea of getting help with personal styling has been a luxury reserved for a select few.

Stitch Fix is changing that.
We know style is a personal journey. And that no person is one-dimensional.
Each of us has our own ups and downs, wins and challenges.
And we believe that everybody — busy parents, aspiring kindergarteners and everyone in between — deserves to be seen. For everything they are.
That’s why we don’t just get to know your measurements or your budget or your stripe obsession.
We get to know you. We see how your life inspires your style.
We see your struggles — and we never assume they’re the same as everyone else’s. Or anyone else’s.
We see your loves, your hates, and your total no-go zones.
Because your personal style personal for us too.
And because we know that when you feel yourself in your clothes, you stand taller, smile brighter, and reach higher.
We think you deserve that feeling.
Not just on special occasions…but every day.

That’s why at Stitch Fix, we see you.

Everybody Deserves to be Seen, "Molly"

Everybody Deserves to be Seen, "John"

Rolling out the Red Carpet

To kick off the campaign and create buzz around our insight, we created pop-up events in New York's Columbus Circle and Los Angeles' The Grove. Focused on making heroes out of the casual passers-by, we brought the paparazzi, the stylists and the fans to make sure everyone that participated felt "seen." The campaign, and this activation, won the 2019 Brandweek Constellation Award.

Everybody Deserves to be Seen, "Red Carpet"

Public transit takeovers

We extended the campaign in major metros using station dominations and takeovers in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Just more ways to show the range of people we help feel their most confident.