Nuance is a pioneer in voice recognition and text-to-speech. As the ingredient brand within Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s S-Voice, and virtually every other intelligent assistant, Nuance is already actively involved in the lives of billions of people. But no one knows the brand. The brand work was the guidon for a business transformation, meant to establish a direct end-user relationship built on the success of the Dragon portfolio and drive a new go-to-market engine. The layers of the strategy included activation to establish our narrative, customer stories to provide evidence of what we created and a new brand system to unify the activities from the disparate business units’ marketing activities.

Brand idea: reinventing the relationship between people and technology

Technology has promised to simplify life. We see that it’s still at the very beginning of its journey. And we see an opportunity to accomplish much more.

We have a vision to radically simplify the relationship between people and technology. To close the gap. To create interactions that feel so second nature, they are innate.

That’s why we enable technology to be fluent in all things human: from touch, swipe and flick to speech, understanding and reasoning. We continuously evolve the ability to perceive the nuance of words, actions, and meaning – to fit seamlessly into people’s lives.

We are in constant pursuit of solutions that intuitively enhance life at every turn. Helping people harness the power of information to improve their businesses and lives, effortlessly connect with the things they care about and discover the world in new and surprising ways.

We are reinventing the relationship between people and technology.

Sir Patrick Stewart delivers the strategy to open SKO.

A truly responsive, reactive identity

To build a proper digital experience brand, the identity needs to bring with it the principles of digital experiences. It must spring to life wherever it is, be mindful of its context and adapt to its environment. Following the rules of a modern application, the symbol we created for Nuance is built from light allowing its animation to play in environmental design as strongly as it does on purely digital expressions.

The design system followed the same concept, using bright colorways to create impact and intrigue and break out of the dull doldrums of a standard enterprise technology company.

A sound-triggered, responsive symbol.

Vibrant colorways free the identity to convey emotion.