Sicksports was founded on a simple insight: that social and media are one and the same for the mobile-native demographic, the #Generation. This insight exposed the massive gap in the market: while youth massively index towards sports, most sports media is not capturing their voice, ideas or participation. We meant to fill that gap and create a platform where they could express this core part of their identities.

Brand idea: the power of game

Sicksports is where athletes and fans experience the thrills and obstacles, characters and journeys, and inspiration and growth that define us.

It’s where the “me” meets the “we” – where the quest for self is as important as the stand for team; where the pursuit of achievement is as important as the desire to experience, explore, and expand.

It’s a destination, a place to gather, a place to debate – our community and our state of mind. Where we become something larger than ourselves. Where we discover our power within, where we become.

The brand essence film for our launch

A truly generative identity

The brand identity was created around the idea that the brand would be perfectly representative of you: your interests, your sports and your connections. We built a generative algorithm for each person’s shield, a representation of the identity fully bespoke for you. Your unique style and color palette drove the app, taking the idea of a personal brand to the fullest extent possible.

The motion film that showcases the identity’s breadth

Intelligent curation applied to sports

The app was built on a bespoke scoring engine to rank, filter and score the most relevant content coming in across all sports media. The ranking score was based on individual behavior — the sports I like, the topics I care about or the authors that I most favorited — as well as overall social heat. We built the curation engine from scratch and built the UI to simplify content consumption, now weighed far more heavily than user-submitted content.

The summary film of the app

Pivot to live, custom content

But the audience craved more than the best of the world of sports served up to them — they wanted an original point of view rooted in voices they could relate to. This took us to an exciting place that blended every part of our original positioning — a live show, social participation, games and gamification, and all of the best editorial in the world. The Sicksports Daily Show assembles a cast of young adult personalities to give their voices to the world of sports…including a live radio show to extend the platform’s reach.

The Sicksports Daily Show reel — our prototype shows brought to life